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R&S Hydraulics & Streetlow Magazine 2007 Car Show
R&S Hydraulics favorite spokes models on the scene at the 2007 Streetlow Magazine / R&S Hydraulics Car Show & Concert at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds. More pictures online now in our new Photo Gallery.

Jason Richardson of the Warriors 1964 Impala

Jason Richardson of the Warriors Impala
R&S Hydraulics hooked Jay Rich up with a custom air ride suspension. Now he's hittin a 3 wheel motion on air!

R&S Air LockUps - 14 inch - Full Kit

“Air Lockups” are R&S Hydraulics newest product.

For the first time ever your car is able to do a 3-wheel motion on air ride not hydraulics! This has never been done before! “Air Lock Up” has been tested and is guaranteed to work! So cruz on over to RS Hydraulics to get your “Air Lock Up” today!

 R&S Hydraulics all new, patent pending inovations in lowriding.


The only way to hit a 3-wheel motion without hydraulics. Lowrider Magazine called R&S Hydraulics Air Lockups "the first major inovation in lowriding in years".

Our Air Lockup Kits come with everything you need for your rear suspension. Here's what's included.

• 2 Air Cylinders
• 2 Show Balls
• 2 Air Fittings
• 2 Springs
• Coilover Cups

You must have front end slam bags to use R&S Air Lockups

Some of the advantages to R&S Air Lockups

No additional batteries (except for the car battery),

No battery smell,

No oil leaks,

No frame reinforcement and a smoother ride