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RS Hydraulics - Photo Gallery
• RS Hydraulics Spokesmodels at the 2007 Streetlow Magazine carshow.
Hundreds of Photos Shown

This gallery shows a number of cars & trucks with systems designed and installed at RS Hydraulics.

• RS Hydraulics Air Lockups Installed & in action.
17 Photos Shown

This Impala was customized here at RS Hydraulics in San Jose. We were able to hit a clean 3-Wheel Motion even on a steep slope with low air pressure. The secret is the patented Air Lockups installed in the rear. We used slam bags for the front. Check out this album to see the full ride & the trunk set-up.

• RS Hydraulics Spokesmodels at the 2007 Streetlow Magazine carshow.
126 Photos Shown

Photos of our beautiful spokesmodels in action at the 2007 carshow at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds in San Jose California. This show was part of the Streetlow Magazine 07 tour and also features many other models and visitors that came to party with us in the south bay.

• RS Hydraulics clients rides in progress & in action.
69 Photos Shown

This gallery shows dozens of different cars & trucks being worked on here at the shop. You will se hydraulics, air bags, air lock-ups & more being installed & tested by RS staff & car owners.

• RS Hydraulics Award Winning Lowrider Bike
17 Photos Shown

We have built & rebuilt this bike multiple times with different styles. Using a variety of custom fabricated parts made here at RS along with custom paint, artwork & electronics we took a trophy with this one.

• San Jose 2007 Streetlow Magazine Carshow - Featured Rides
29 Photos Shown

A bunch of the featured rides that showed up for the Fairgrounds show in 2007

• Featured Show Cars
79 Photos Shown

This album shows dozens of custom rides from an RS Hydraulics / Streetlow Magazine car show.

• Lowrider Bikes / Show Bikes
11 Photos Shown

These are some of the custom lowrider bikes from the same RS Hydraulics / Streetlow Magazine car show.

• RS Hydraulics Shop Photos
25 Photos Shown

Just a few photos from our shop.

• Bay Bizness Custom
13 Photos Shown

This ride features RS Hydraulics' patent pending Aier Lock-Ups.

• Mazda 626 With Lambo Doors & Suicide Doors
25 Photos Shown

These photos show the work in progress. With both Lambo Doors on the front & Suicide Doors in the rear freshly mounted this Mazda 626 is ready for paint.

• Concert & Bikini Show at the 2007 RS Hydraulics / Streetlow Car Show
39 Photos Shown

The carshows are an all day party with music, models, food, vendors and more. This is another shoot that shows a little of what goes down in San Jose.