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Red Dragon Hydraulic Pump Head from RS Hydraulics. $135

The all new "Red Dragonô" hydraulic pump head from RS Hydraulics is in stock now & available direct from the source! This innovative new pump head builds up more pressure in less time than ay other pump head on the market. The Red Dragonô fits all #11 gear set-ups and standard hydraulic blocks.

The Red Dragonô is comparable to the highly prized Marzocchi pump heads that have lead the industry for decades.


Hydraulic Suspension Services


We can build & install a custom hydraulics sytem for virtually any vehicle. RS Hydraulics will work to your specifications and your budget to create the system you need.

Air Ride Suspension Services

Air Ride Suspension.

RS can create a custom Air Ride Suspension system to meet your needs. New systems, repairs, upgrades & more. Give us a call today or email us for more information.

air lock ups

Air Lock-Ups.

RS Hydraulics patent pending inovation in lowriding. For the first time ever you can now hit a 3-wheel motion on air! Our shop will design you a fully custom installation affordably.

Fabrication Services

Custom Fabrication & Parts

Some custom fabrication is needed for most custom installations however our fabrication services go way beyond this. RS holds multiple pattents & pending pattents for custom parts.

Upholstery Services

Custom Upholstery

The RS Hydraulics shop is now offering custom upholstery in a variety of materials. Custom patterns & designs are available upon request. Call us today for details.

Repair Services

Light Automotive Repair

RS Hydraulics can help you keep your vehicles systems in top running condition. If you need more than customization services or your ride needs a little help feel free to call us.


rs hydraulics

Hydraulics Suspension Store.

Pumps, valves, hoses, full kits & more are available. From a single part to a complete set-up with custom intallation RS Hydraulics has got your hydraulic suspension needs covered.

rs hydraulics

Air Ride Suspension Store.

Start up a new bike, refurbish an oldskool project, even find an artist here at RS Hydraulics. See more samples of custom lowrider bikes in our photo gallery.

rs hydraulics

R&S Air Lock-Ups Store
- 14 inch
- Full Kit - $627.00 + $95.00 shipping

rs hydraulics
rs hydraulics

Full Battery Setups & Modifications

RS Hydraulics can create any custom battery set-up you will need for your hydraulic, air ride or air lock up suspension system.